Flip-Box automotive logistics

Cost reduction by volume reduction


Increasing actual load and simpifying handling

2 kg

Proven performance

WPO Worldstar
innovation award 2014

Increased profitability

  • Less return transport and lower storage requirements through volume reduction of up to 61%       
  • Higher payload through light weight of only 2 kg
  • Optimum volume use through optimized inner packaging

Protecting component parts perfectly

  • Tailored inner packaging, implemented according to individual component parts  
  • Soft materials for scratch-sensitive surfaces  
  • Shock-absorbency and good bounce-back     
  • Electrically conductive material properties (ESD) possible

Ease of handling

  • Easy to lift due to its light weight of only 2 kg   
  • Easy to clean with water-resistant and temperature-resistant material
  • Colour differentiation for specific building parts

Durable use  

  • Inner packaging flexibly interchangeable      
  • High temperature resistance (-40 ° to 110 ° C)      
  • Very robust with multiple collision force absorption and bounce-back
  • Weather-resistant due to water-repellent material (<1% water absorption)
  • Solvent resistant due to media resistance    


  • Headlights and taillights       
  • Decorative trim       
  • Electronic components       
  • Steering wheels
  • and many more      

Intelligent combination

  • Compatible with steel frames and plastic pallets

Environmentally friendly

  • Reusable instead of disposable: can be used over and over    
  • Recycling instead of rubbish: the Flip-Box is fully recyclable  
  • Save energy: the flip-Box AL comes from energy-optimized production   

Awards - proven performance   

  • German Packaging Award, WPO Worldstar

Material Facts - Expanded polypropylene foam

  • Minimal weight       
  • Media resistant       
  • Temperature resistant (-40° to 110°C)      
  • Recyclable       
  • Made in Germany             


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